Welcome to Thomas (Tom) Caldwell's Personal Page

It's About Integrity, Intensity and Intelligence

My Work

I am currently a Senior Director of Engineering at Webroot leading a software development team for a network security product named FlowScape. We use AI and Machine Learning to detect cyber threats. See https://www.webroot.com/us/en/business/flowscape. Previously I was a Director of Engineering at Cisco Systems for over 11 years and worked at Microsoft.

Cyber Security and Computer Science

With a Master's degree in Computer Science, I have spent the last 5 years focused on Cyber Security including Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI). My recent projects include building AI-Bots, including Chatbots for Alexa and for Slack that integrate with security tools.  

Personal Life

I live in downtown San Diego and you will find me out playing stay-vacation by the ocean or at the gym. With a passion for country music and travel, you can find me playing guitar to my favorite tunes. You can also look me up on LinkedIn!